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About Footprint Social Media


Footprint Social Media was born out of a drive, passion and desire to help individuals and businesses understand and develop their social media strategies. Many businesses fail to utilise the power of social media, and we think that this is a great shame. We want to do more to widen your audience and increase your potential impact.

We don’t believe that social media has to be complicated. We want to provide services in jargon-free, bite-size chunks that demystify the often overwhelming domain of social media.




Our experiences cover a range of enterprises. We have worked in the financial, legal, retail and sales sectors, and have in-depth knowledge of administrative and professional settings. This gives us the skills and experience to know how businesses tick, and gives us a broader understanding of how they interact.

Our personal, bespoke service is unparalleled in Northamptonshire. We are willing to go the extra mile to help your business grow.

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Social Media doesn't have to be complicated!


Our bespoke services are unparalleled in Northamptonshire


Let us help you to leave your Footprint on the business world

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Services offered by Footprint Social MediaWe can offer bespoke service packages to meet your social media needs.


  • Training on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google + and Hootsuite,
  • Management of any number of platforms
  • Participation in Hashtag hours relevant to your area or industry
  • On-going maintenance and support