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What does your business need to go to the next level? What can you do to give your organisation an edge? How can you simultaneously increase your client base and enhance your external relations?


In today’s global society, with increased competition in the marketplace, it is arguably more important than ever to make your mark. Companies are fighting for custom, and staying one step ahead isn’t always easy.

With updates in technology come changes to the way we behave, interact and communicate with clients. It may seem daunting, but although these challenges exist, they are not insurmountable.

At Footprint Social Media, we know what it takes to make your company stand out from the rest.


We know what will get your business the most exposure. We know — because of our specialist expertise in the complex world of social media — what it will take to move your business up to the next level.


The sphere of social media can be mindboggling to a novice, but used strategically, it is a powerful tool for increasing your presence and getting your message to a wider audience.


We specialise exclusively in social media. This means that we are experts in our field, and can provide advice, support and training to help you get your business into the minds of thousands of potential clients.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?


Do you want to increase your exposure, improve your online presence, and maximise your impact?


Let us help you to leave your Footprint on the business world.


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Services offered by Footprint Social MediaWe can offer bespoke service packages to meet your social media needs.


  • Training on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google + and Hootsuite,
  • Management of any number of platforms
  • Participation in Hashtag hours relevant to your area or industry
  • On-going maintenance and support