Did you abandon your social media over the summer?

Summer Pool and BallIt's tempting isn't it? When the sun shines brightly and the kids break up for their summer break and businesses seem less active than usual, what's the harm in stopping doing something like your social media for a month or so? It won't make a big difference will it?

Don't encourage customers to go elsewhere!

Whilst I agree it's good to spend some time away from your usual routine, it can actually be harmful for your business to stop doing something completely. I mean we've all been to the gym or exercise classes religiously then given it all up and then tried to go back – how hard was that? Your muscles ache and what was easy to achieve previously, seems just that little bit more difficult.

It's the same with your marketing. If you lose consistency, you run the risk of your audience having forgotten about you and they might even find someone else because they aren't being regularly reminded about your business and its services.

Regularity, relevance and consistency

You need to remember that marketing, and social media as one of its many channels, relies on regular, consistent and relevant messaging for ongoing success. Let me share with you an example.

A business colleague that I know heard really good things about social media (mostly from me) and the fantastic results that his competitors received from using it. He set up his own profiles and for three months he focused on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn getting some good engagement and business leads. But then he slowed down his efforts before stopping completely. Several months later he categorically told me that "social media doesn't work for me or my business!" Despite my best advice, he refused to consider returning to it.

Stop dabbling!

Well, when you dabble in your marketing, you're right! It won't work. Not because that marketing channel isn't suited to your business, but usually because you didn't maintain it for long enough. The businesses that produce the best results (in terms of generating both leads and sales) are those that are consistent in their marketing. They've regularly been sending clear, consistent messages to potential clients. Not just for weeks or months, but for years. And it helps also to have a realistic strategy or plan in place too, otherwise how will you know if you've achieved what you wanted to?!

You have a choice!

So what's the solution? In my experience if you do want some time away from social media then there are three options for you to consider.

  1. Scheduling
    The beauty of social media is that you can schedule updates and comments in advance, which means you don't have to always be around. I admit it's not entirely foolpoof, but you can have a quick daily check on progress if needs be.
  2. Campaign/competition
    Run a campaign or competition with a suitable end date, so that it takes care of itself for a set period of time. When that time is up, you can review/process the results and resume your complete focus.
  3. Outsourcing
    If 1 and 2 still seem like too much of a commitment, then you can always choose to outsource your social media management to a reputable company. This way you know that the work is being done in a professional and targeted way.

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