Making your social media count in 2021

I don’t think many of us imagined a year like 2020 on the 1st of January. Certainly, when I was making my business and marketing plans for the year, I never imagined that we would be facing so many challenges, obstacles and in some cases opportunities.

Let’s face it, in 2020 we’ve had to embrace flexibility, online communication tools and working from home. It’s also been a year where words like furlough, lockdown, tiers, self-isolation, social distancing, Zoom meeting and track and trace became commonplace. But amongst the uncertainty, one thing has emerged – a busier and more chatty social media arena.

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Engagement is king

Many businesses have embraced the increasingly popular online channels and have been effective at keeping their followers and connections connected via frequent updates. Whilst social media channels themselves have taken the opportunity to roll out new features to help you communicate better with your target audience. These include:

In addition, many other online social media tools and analytics have launched or improved their offering recently. We recommend that you do your research into relevant channels, tools and apps so you can:

  1. Make your life and/or that of your clients easier
  2. Become memorable
  3. Increase engagement levels
  4. Improve search engine rankings
  5. Get higher conversion rates

Do your research

As social media managers, our advice is to get to know your preferred platforms in detail, learn about new features and keep on top of any changes. This way you can try out any new features enabling you to leverage your social media strategy successfully.

With Christmas on the horizon, we encourage you to continue posting over the Christmas and New Year period. Your customers will be on social media and it’s important that you continue to raise awareness of your brand by communicating with them regularly and consistently.

Planning for success

We also want to highlight the benefits of good planning. Social media like all other marketing channels works best when you are prepared and know what you are going to talk about and when. You also need to be able to measure, report and improve on your updates and posts to stay relevant and increase credibility.

If you are struggling to manage your social media presence or need help when it comes to planning for 2021, we are here to help.

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