Social media automation - is it good for your business?

We all want to extend our social media marketing reach. But because social media is fast-paced and changing constantly, it’s no surprise that keeping audiences engaged takes time and resources. In some cases, more effort than a business can do alone, which is why we have seen a growth in the number and usage of social media automation software, as well as an increase in outsourcing.

Social Media Tools

Yes, or No?

It’s a question that divides marketers. Are automated social media updates more, or less, effective than posting original content in real-time?

Over the years I’ve lost count of the number of people who have opted to use automated software to produce regular social media posts. And with its raft of attractive and persuasive benefits, it’s easy to see why. 

Not only can this clever software (Hootsuite, ContentCal, Buffer and Ripl) handle those annoying admin tasks like posting, scheduling, monitoring, and reporting, but some can also source content, photos, and hashtags too. This means your brand communications are up-to-date and interesting, whilst you get to spend less time posting on a day-to-day basis.

The personal touch

Of course, the time-saving benefits are easy to see, but my question is really whether the reliance on automation means you are losing that all to important personal touch. Also, are you running the risk that all your posts look the same, or worse still appear to be out-of-date and irrelevant? Let’s face it, we have all seen posts that look lazy, spammy, or fake. 

Social media is all about talking to your audience, providing value, and building and maintaining relationships so I’m often asked how a tool can do this. Well, my response is simple. It can’t. It’s a piece of software. However, its real value comes when you choose how and when to use it.

It’s called social for a reason!

My research over the years leads me to believe that there is no evidence to support the fact that scheduling, or natively posting, your content makes any difference when it comes to engagement or reach. There is no right or wrong way to post on social media channels. The secret is consistency and engagement. Every business is different and you might need to experiment to find the right solution for you. Here are some top tips, so you can boost your reach, whilst not alienating or annoying your audience.

Need help?

If you’re struggling to post regularly and consistently, then it could be time to call in the experts. At Footprint Social Media, we can teach you how to use social media platforms to promote your organisation, or we can manage your accounts for you. 

Want to know more - call Sandra on 07677760411. 

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