Quality and quantity!

Social media can be an overwhelming and confusing place — even for a professional like me! Wondering what to write, and most importantly how frequently you should post, here are two questions that I get asked regularly.  

Social media frequency

Today, however, I want to talk about frequency. The main thing to remember about the number of social media postings is that quality and quantity are equally as important. But as with anything marketing-related, there is no right or wrong answer. 

According to research, posting frequency varies enormously with each channel and I would have to agree. What seems right on Facebook, can often be regarded as complete overkill on LinkedIn. 

The balance between being informative and annoying

So, as a social media marketer, I want my clients to connect their business with followers without driving them away. That’s why I aim for the perfect balance of sharing and listening and always advise you to undertake continual monitoring, measurement, reviewing, and make changes when needed.

After all, engagement is key here, you should not just be broadcasting inanely because the schedule says that’s what you must do! So, whilst new updates and posts are key, it’s also equally as important to try and find new people to follow/connect with on each platform as you continue your search for your ideal client.

Top tips for frequency

Based on the last 7 years, I would recommend the following for each of the main channels. However, I still stick to the rule that if you have nothing to say, say nothing. Better to be quiet for a few days, than perceived as dull, annoying, or a complete turn-off!





Consistency and timing matter too!

Of course, frequency isn’t everything. There is also consistency to maintain. Plus, scheduling (timing) is also essential. It’s important to know when your target audience is online. Are they morning, lunchtime, or evening people? Plus, put yourself in your audience’s shoes. When there’s nothing else on, work, etc., you’re more likely to browse social media channels and when social media postings are low, your efforts will stand out more.

My advice is to test, experiment, and improve. Whether that be frequency or timings. Remember that the line between informative and annoying may be a fine one, but with some practice, you can get it right.

If you need any help with your social media please got to www.footprintsocialmedia.co.uk or call me on 07877760411. 

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