Time to be a trailblazer?

“Those who follow the crowd, usually get lost in it.” Rick Warren

As human beings, we have a natural desire to be accepted into a group or community. Being an outsider is not a good place to be, it can be lonely and uncomfortable. That’s why it’s easy to follow others. Copy what they say. Mimic their approach and behaviours. Do things at a similar time. Focus on the same topics or themes. But what about what you think? What about your opinions and your voice?

Follow the crowd

If you spend so long being a sheep, you forget how to think independently. Plus, over time your customers will start to wonder what happened to the business they used to know and may even question your values and impartiality.

Get off the bandwagon

Nowhere is this demonstrated better than on social media where the bandwagon effect means that when people see a comment that has received a lot of attention, they become more likely to add their approval, share or comment on it. 

Somedays, it seems as if there is not a unique thought in the world. Currently, businesses seem hellbent on focusing on popular or controversial subjects with topical hashtags. Recently COP26 and businesses endlessly promising to be green have become slightly nauseating. Personally, I would love to see this diluted with something else, something exciting, something a little off the wall perhaps?!

Walk the road less travelled

So, if being a sheep is easy, what about whether it’s effective? Did you know that the more unique your content the better your social engagement? My advice, therefore, is to ditch the crowd and become a trailblazer. To do this, you must be aware of others, particularly your competition, but in allowing your own personality to shine through, as well as being open and honest, you will encourage others to get involved too.

Here are some top tips:

Call in the experts

If you’re struggling to discover your identity, are constantly playing catch up with others in your industry, or find yourself getting tangled up too often with the voice of the majority, it’s time to stop and get help. At Footprint Social Media we can help you to design a strategy, so your posts and updates are memorable, reflect your brand and work hard on a daily basis to connect with your customers, raise awareness, drive engagement and deliver great results.

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