When it comes to collaboration, more is better!

We’ve all done it. Asked someone for advice and then gone ahead and ignored it, preferring instead to do what we think is right, rather than what we know is right. The same is true when it comes to social media marketing for your business. It’s not just about budget and strategy, success is about so much more.

If you have gone to the trouble of finding a social media expert who is a good match for you and your business, you must ask questions, listen to what they are saying, supply as much information as you can, including goals/objectives, marketing/business strategy and understand your role too. 

Advice for Social Media

Sharing is good

As an experienced social media manager, I am not psychic. Whilst myself and my team excel at researching your business, your marketplace and your competition, it’s better if we can have your input, not only initially, but throughout our working partnership. That’s why we always encourage you to share any ideas that you have for content and messaging, as well as confirming:

Essentially the more we know about your business and what you want social media to achieve, the better equipped we are to help you realise your goals. Whether you send us regular emails, links to articles, pictures, keywords, hashtags or bullet-pointed lists of topics, we welcome your contribution as that helps us to target your preferred audience at the right time and using the right platform.

Measurement is key

Whatever your expectations are of social media, at Footprint Social Media, we want you to get the results you need. When it comes to monitoring performance and measuring success, it’s a good idea to have a dedicated phone number, email address and/or website page for each of your social media campaigns so you can identify and track where your leads and sales are coming from.

Knowing what’s working and what isn’t, will help you to refine your offering, as well as ensure you’re getting a good ROI. The only way to confirm which social networks work best is through experimentation and using insights to measure how much engagement, traffic and sales you are getting. 

That’s why having the right reporting systems in place can really help. Whilst many platforms have their own analytics, it’s helpful if you advise us what you use and how often you would like to see any reports. Whilst we compile the results for you in most cases, it is important that you take the time to read them so you can understand likes, comments, shares, followers, connections, click-through rates, impressions/views and reach and what that means for the ongoing visibility and success of your brand.

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