When it comes to generating LinkedIn posts, be strategic!

If you’re serious about building your brand on LinkedIn, then you need to regularly post great content on the platform. The better your posts, the more reactions, comments, and shares you will get, which will help to drive engagement on your personal and/or business profile.

But what do you say? Where do you get your ideas from and what’s the best type of post to do to ensure the most positive response?


Don’t waste time

We all do it, spend hours deciding what to write about, so we can craft the perfect LinkedIn update that will:

Unlike other social media platforms, blatant selling on LinkedIn is an instant turn-off. At LinkedIn’s core is the ability to build and nurture professional relationships. So instead of approaching it like the proverbial bull in a china shop, we recommend that you have a strategy in place.

Get planning

When it comes to planning, you need to decide on topics and themes, timings, frequency, and whether your updates are going to be organic, scheduled, or a mixture of the two. You must tell people why your post matters to them.

In addition, you need to remember that style is important too, so your LinkedIn updates need to reflect the same look and feel, including tone of voice, as your other marketing communications. Chatty, friendly and honest is very much the way forward here. 

Decide the post type

But on LinkedIn remember it’s not just about words and the usual text-only post. There are now lots of different types of posts that you can use. These include:

  1. Business documents - include multiple documents/images that people can swipe or scroll through.
  2. Link to blogs or websites – use a URL to guide people to external content.
  3. Photos or graphics – use original visual media and remember a picture is worth a thousand words.
  4. Polls – encourage people to share their thoughts on particular subjects.
  5. LinkedIn Live - live stream webinars, conversations, panel discussions, or even keynote talks.
  6. Native video – keep it short and punchy and include captions or text overlays in case people haven’t enabled sound.
  7. LinkedIn articles – explore more complex topics or share a thought leadership piece. And they generate a unique URL, which you can use across other media.
  8. LinkedIn newsletters - publish a weekly or monthly newsletter and invite people to subscribe to it.
  9. LinkedIn events - Livestream on your website or another third-party site and then promote your event on LinkedIn.
  10. Share third-party content – you can also share updates from employees, suppliers, or business contact profiles.

LinkedIn is a great place to showcase your products and increase the visibility of your brand. If you want to see meaningful results, we suggest you post regularly, use a variety of different post types, but always remember to be consistent, professional, kind, and most of all yourself.

For more strategy ideas give me a call on 07877760411.

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