Why Social Media is Important for your Business

Currently, over 3.8 billion people worldwide use social media – a figure which is only predicted to rise. Love it or loathe it, there is no doubt that it’s important for your business, so regardless of whether you are marketing business to business or business to consumer, you shouldn’t dismiss it. 

Every day millions of potential customers log in to their accounts and are exposed to lots of companies (and what they are offering) as they scroll through their feeds. And whilst you might think of it as an ever-changing, noisy, and often crowded space, it’s important to realise that in order to stand a chance of making new connections with a wider audience, you need to be part of it. After all, what other channel allows smaller businesses to compete with larger companies so effectively and in a cost-effective manner?

Multi-channel success

Let me stress at this stage that social media is just one of many marketing channels. It should not be your only marketing outlet, because we all know that marketing is most successful when you have the same or similar messaging across multiple channels. Let’s face it, not all your potential customers prefer the same channels. You need to focus on the platforms where your ideal audience is – this might take some time to research, but it’s well worth the effort as multi-channel marketing enables you to extend your reach so you can target different audiences. It also allows you to 

Help is at hand!

If you’ve avoided social media, thinking it’s not for you or you just feel overwhelmed by the prospect, don’t worry. I can help you to select the right channels, create your profile/set up your online presence, agree on the type of content so you can start to communicate with your target audience on a regular and consistent basis. And if you want help managing the platforms, I can do that too.  

I only ask that you play your part by telling me more about your ideal client, setting realistic goals, and asking where any new leads/clients come from – there are plenty of analytics to help you with this. It’s no good just saying online, you will need to break it down into Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. so that the results are helpful when it comes to planning further activities on each platform.

What type of company do you want to be?

As it continues to weave itself into the daily patterns of our lives, more consumers will go to new and upcoming social media platforms for purchasing decisions. And at this point, you might want to enhance your efforts by looking at paid for advertising, producing more videos, podcasts, etc., and generally enhancing your efforts. Remember, those who have a strong social media presence and memorable branding will increase conversion rates, while those without active social media campaigns could lose potential customers. So, the question you need to ask yourself is which company do you want to be?

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